quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011


"INCOLORES are all born male, therefore they have to find “partners” within other races, like humans for example. they must do that to assure their race´s survival. Humans (females) though often die when they give birth to a baby INCOLORE. The normal human body cannot handle a weird demon fetus growing inside it. It is quite common for them to eat their own mothers actually.(...)

Well Abi here is the dark INCOLORE, he is able to morph into any animal he wishes.That animal will be as black as he is tough.
Hes quite the silent tipe, he doesn’t really need to talk since he lives isolated from everything.
He was found as a baby inside a weird egg by a young couple , that knew abot the incolore threat, who choose to raise him as their son ,keeping him also isolated from everything.
He knows about the existence of other creatures besides him, some animals and his parents though.

I didnt develop him quite much really lol, I’m sorry heh but yeah I like my INCOLOREs"

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